ALL THINGS CHROME - Company Message
Fat Tire Kit and Return/Cancelation Policy:
All fat tire kits must get a 50% non- refundable deposit. No fat tire kits will be Chromed, Powder Coated,or Assembled until they are paid for in full. The 50% deposit is used to hold the materials needed to make the kit. Changes can not be made to any fat tire kit after 24 hours of 50% deposit being made. E.T.A.'S Made on kits are just that,they are estimates. We do our best to get kits made as fast as possible however we are only human and some things are beyond our control.  
Return/Canelation Policy For All Other Items:
Any item returned for any other reason than being damaged will be subject to a 30% restocking fee. You must provide the Original proff of purchase we will not be able to do it for you. The item must be in its original un-used condition. Item must be returned in less than one year.
Damaged Items:
If you recieve an item that was damaged during shipping please keep all packing materials and package. We put insurance on all packages and they will need to be inspected by the shipping company in order for a claim to be made. Once we recieve the damage item back we will send you another one and we will pay the shipping. We will Not be able to ship you a replace part until this is done.

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